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Fireproof Cladding Panels

Our Panels

We offer both standard & non-combustible fire rated architectural cladding panels. Thermally efficient cladding is an essential to modern building design & management as energy conservation becomes more and more vital in line with rising awareness of environmental issues.

In the wake of recent tragedies around the World, there is a clear demand from architects, owners, residents, tenants and building maintenance organisations for fireproof or fire-resistant cladding materials. We're proud to be able to offer a highly cost-effective non-combustible cladding panel that is currently in service at numerous locations. Many high-rise residential blocks were stripped of their insulation cladding in the wake of Grenfell due to safety concerns. And whilst that's perfectly understandable & a necessary precaution, it's led to many high rise flats seeing energy costs rise to unacceptable limits, putting strain on local authority finances.

Similarly, many large scale construction projects have found themselves having to pause partway through major building projects to re-evaluate & confirm their choice of firesafe exterior thermal insulation cladding panels.

Our fire-rated panels offer the solution to Local Authorities, Architects, Specifiers and all those involved in the construction of cladding-faced buildings.


Our exterior panels are being retro-fitted at many sites throughout the UK and have proven themselves as a cost effective solution. Available in a multitude of colours & finishes, please contact us to find out more.

Our firesafe fire-rated composite cladding is produced using SIDERISE Nexus lamella boards providing a structural, firesafe, thermal insulation core specifically designed for use in bonded composite panels.


The Rockwool® base slab used in the manufacture of the SIDERISE Nexus lamella board is an inherently firesafe fire-rated material and is classified in the highest possible Fire Class A1, according to EN 13501-1.

Products of this type have become the norm in the design of fire-rated panels and are frequently used in the construction of structures required to meet specific periods of fire resistance.

Please contact the Coatings Ltd technical team on 0151 294 4250 to discuss your particular project & specifications in more detail.

The actual fire rating of the finished panel system will depend upon a number of factors including:

  • Selected Grade of SIDERISE Nexus lamella board by Grade and thickness of overall cladding panel

  • Cladding Panel facing material

  • Panel cover width, span and fixing joint detail, etc.


A variety of bonded composite panels comprising SIDERISE Nexus lamella boards have been independently fire tested.
As a guide, information relating to a typical glazing infill panel construction tested to BS476: Part 22: 1987 is given below:

Panel construction:

  • 2mm aluminium outer skin, polyester powder coated

  • High density edge strip to resist crushing forces of fixing system

  • Polymer filament net facing allows for greater structural bonding

  • SIDERISE Nexus lamella board:

    • Grade RPP/2712 (124kg/m3) – the key to the overall strength, fire, thermal and acoustic properties

    • 1mm pre-galvanised steel tray inner


coatings ltd

Technical Details courtesy of Siderise : Fire Rated Nexus core manufacturer.

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